infant and toddler daycare Throughout the first two years of life your infant will grow from being totally dependent on others for his or her every need to being a toddler with the desire to do everything all by his or herself. The infant and toddler years are filled with amazing developmental milestones from sitting up without any help to crawling and then to walking. So many joys are in store for you as your infant masters each developmental milestone while on the path from being a tiny infant to becoming a walking, talking, busy toddler.

At Learning Time Preschool, we value the opportunity to provide a safe and homelike environment for your infant or toddler. We know that you want your infant or toddler to feel loved, secure, and to always be safe. At Learning Time, we place the safety and emotional needs of your infant or toddler as our top priority.

In addition to providing your infant or toddler with a safe and homelike environment, there are many other ways we seek to promote the growth and development of your infant and toddler. At Learning Time, your child will receive the benefit of our state of the art infant and toddler classrooms. Each classroom is designed with quality furniture, toys, books, and learning materials that will challenge and invite your infant or toddler to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. In addition, Learning Time Preschool provides our teachers with age appropriate infant and toddler lesson plans that are adapted by the teachers to meet the individual needs, interests, and developmental growth of your infant or toddler.

In your search for the best infant and toddler childcare, Learning Time Preschool invites you to come in for a tour of our program and our facility. We are open from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday and are available anytime during the day to meet you, learn more about you, and answer any questions you may have about how our program can meet your needs as you seek quality childcare for your infant or toddler.

Learning Time Preschool - Indianapolis Daycare with Toddler and Infant Care

About Learning Time Preschool

Learning Time Preschool has three campuses located in the northern part of the Indianapolis area. Our academic Preschool and Kindergarten program has been the foundation of our school for the past 35 years. Our kindergarten program meets and exceeds the Indiana Academic Standards. Learning Time Preschool is often complimented for the school readiness level of our preschool and kindergarten graduates as they enter into their primary school years. Your child will receive more than a high quality education; they will be instilled with a lifelong love of learning.