Our Educational Program

Our academic program has been the foundation of our school since 1974. Our goal is to provide a stimulating educational environment where children can develop and learn. The structured curriculum offers an opportunity for children to participate in both teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Every effort is made to integrate our curriculum with local elementary programs. Learning Time is consistently recognized for the school readiness level of our graduates.

Our Curriculum

Our educational program is designed by the owner, Dr. Jan Bisesi. The curriculum is modified and changed frequently in order to provide students with the latest educational materials. Outside published educational programs and materials are reviewed regularly in order to develop the most effective curriculum available.

Lesson plans are developed sequentially from one age group to the next. Concepts presented to the two year old classes are continued and expanded upon in the three, four, and pre-kindergarten classes.

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Daily Lesson Plans

Daily/weekly lesson plans are distributed to classroom teachers on a weekly basis. Plans include large and small group instruction, teacher-directed lessons, as well as many free-choice activities. The lesson plans also offer ample opportunity for children to select from a variety of interest centers in each classroom.

My Child’s Day

Every child enrolled in our program has a home-base classroom. Children begin their day in this room, where cubbies are kept for their personal items. Throughout the day, children are given opportunities to move with their class and their teachers to the other rooms throughout the school. Each classroom is designed to encourage unique opportunities in specific areas such as science, reading, language arts, music, dramatic play, and creative arts. Comunication from your child’s teacher will indicate your child’s activities and special interests for the day.

Parent Communication

Learning Time has an “Open Door” policy to encourage parents to visit the school at any time during the day. We invite parents to participate in on-site and off-site activities with their children.

  • Monthly Newsletters devlivered electronically

  • Daily reports informing parents of their child’s day
  • Parent teacher conferences twice a year or as requested by the parents
  • Parent bulletin boards inside each home based classroom

  • Weekly lesson plans are posted in each home base classroom

  • Announcing special events
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