Searching for Summer Fun?

Look no further!

During the summer children have the opportunity to participate in many activities that inspire them to think, grow, learn and laugh.

  • Weekly Fitness/Sports Activities that build coordination, self-esteem and a life-long love of sports and fitness.
  • Weekly swim lessons that focus on water safety as well as stroke skills.
  • Weekly Field Trips to places like the Indianapolis Zoo, the Children’s Museum, Water Parks and more.
  • Weekly on-site Water Play Activities.
  • Monthly on–site special family events like our Ice-Cream Social and LTP State Fair.
  • And much more!

Searching for Your School Ager?

Learning Time’s School Age Summer Camp program is designed so that each week is a new adventure allowing families to tailor their summer by selecting specific weeks.

  • Games On! Children will create a “new” sport including equipment needed, rules and attire!
  • Restaurant Wars! Children will open a restaurant.
  • Learning Times Got Talent!
  • Invention Convention!
  • Come on Down!
  • The LT Masters!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!

The children will work in teams and groups to invent, create, design, build, market and sell!

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