Learning Time Preschool – Kindergarten classroom

Learning Time Preschool has three campuses located in the northern part of the Indianapolis area. Our academic Preschool and Kindergarten program has been the foundation of our school for the past 35 years. Our kindergarten program meets and exceeds the Indiana Academic Standards. Learning Time Preschool is often complimented for the school readiness level of our preschool and kindergarten graduates as they enter into their primary school years. Your child will receive more than a high quality education; they will be instilled with a lifelong love of learning.

Children who enter a full day private kindergarten program have the benefit of time to explore, discover, and immerse themselves in the learning process. At Learning Time Preschool, we value the benefits of a full day private kindergarten program and want to share with you how Learning Time Preschool uses the full day private  kindergarten program to add value to your child’s learning experience.

Kindergarten Core Subject Matter

Math, science, and social studies are integrated throughout our private kindergarten program. At Learning Time Preschool, your kindergartener will be presented with high quality curriculum materials that they can master throughout the school year to be fully prepared for their first grade year. Through our kindergarten math program children will become problem solvers as they explore concepts like patterning, addition, subtraction, money, graphing and time. In Social Studies and Science, children will be invited to explore their world as well as people and places throughout the world through hands-on, meaningful experiences.

Kindergarten Reading and Writing

Learning Time Preschool places a high emphasis on building strong skills for reading and writing. Your kindergartener will be given opportunities to develop their reading skills through our ‘Morning Read’ program where excellent reading strategies are introduced and reinforced throughout the school year. Having a full day private kindergarten program allows time for one-on-one attention and small group reading experiences that help promote confidence as your child masters reading concepts that exceed the Indiana Academic Standards for full day private kindergarten.

Kindergarten Creative Art

Having the benefit of a full day in private kindergarten allows our students to enjoy the creative process. Your full day kindergartener will be given the freedom to explore a variety of art materials and mediums through our creative art centers. In addition, we have the time to enhance their art experience through planned units and art activities that cover a variety of themes and processes. Our full day private Kindergarten walls provide a wonderful canvas to display the masterful pieces of artwork our students create on a daily basis.

Kindergarten Technology

Time to engage in technology is an important part of today’s learning environment. There are computers in each of our full day private kindergarten classrooms so that your child can enjoy learning how to navigate and explore the wonderful selection of academic software we provide.

Kindergarten Outdoor Play

In our full day private kindergarten program, the teachers do not have to rush around helping children throw on coats and mittens only to spend a quick 15 minutes outside. Instead, our kindergarten students have time to work on putting on their own coats and mittens to prepare for the much needed time of outdoor play and discovery. While outside, our full day kindergarten children are able to enjoy our state of the art playground area for time in play, exploration, running, riding bikes, throwing balls, swinging, climbing, and digging up treasures in the sandpit!

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