Infants (6 weeks to 1 year)

At Learning Time, we value the opportunity to provide a safe and homelike environment for infant care. We know that you want your infant to feel loved, secure, and to always be safe in our care. At Learning Time, we place the safety and emotional needs of our infants as our top priority.

In addition to providing you with infant care in a safe and homelike environment, there are many other ways we seek to promote the growth and development of your infant. At Learning Time, your infant will receive the benefit of our state of the art classrooms. Each over sized infant care room is designed with quality furniture, toys, books, and learning materials that will challenge and invite your infant to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Your infant will feel right at home as we will follow your infants schedule. In addition, Learning Time infant care provides our teachers with age appropriate infant care lesson plans that are adapted by the teachers to meet the individual needs, interests, and developmental growth of your infant.