The Owner

Learning Time Preschool - Jan BisesiDr. Jan Bisesi is actively involved in implementing the vision of excellence in child care and high quality educational programs at each of our campus locations. She is responsible for setting policies and procedures for both parents and staff, planning the curriculum for preschool and pre-kindergarten classes, writing daily lessson plans for each of the age group classes, and providing ongoing staff development. Dr. Bisesi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, A Lifetime Teaching License for grades one through twelve, A Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, a Preschool/Kindergarten Endorsement, and a Doctorate in Education focusing on Management of Programs.

Dr. Bisesi brings over fifty years of experience as an educator to the program.

Executive Director

Mrs. Patrice Carman oversees the operation of all three Campus, giving support to each of the Campus Directors. She is instrumental in providing on-going staff development and management training to administrators.

Campus Directors

Each of the Campus Directors oversee the daily operation of their school. They ensure the compliance of licensing regulations, implementation of the mission and vision of Learning Time, and offer support and training to their staff.

Other support staff include:Learning Time Preschool - staff

Assistant Directors

Administrative Assistants

Educational Coordinator

Teaching Staff

It is the intent of Learning Time Preschool to select staff who are qualified and eager to meet and uphold the mission and policies of our schools. The school seeks candidates who are committed to providing a friendly, nurturing environment for young children. Personal interviews, personal and professional reference checks, criminal history investigations and drug tests are included in the hiring process.

Learning Time requires all staff members to be certified in CPR, First Aid Procedures, and Universal precautions. Head Teachers are required to hold a Child Development Certificate (CDA) for which we provide financial assistance. The school supports staff by providing a minimum of 12 hours of training per year and offering the opportunity to attend professional conferences.

A professional dress code is required for all Learning Time staff members and teachers are easily identified by Learning Time Badges and a uniform appearance.