Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful summer so far for Riley. He really enjoys his swim lessons with Miss Robyn Eads and the weekly field trips. He especially enjoyed Monkey Joe’s and Interactive Academy. As over-protective as we are, we feel very comfortable leaving him in the capable hands of your teachers and staff. Riley is fortunate enough to almost have a family member accompanying him to swim lessons and field trips. We always find that the classes are run smoothly and our Riley always happy and ready to return for more. We know Riley loves his teachers, Mrs. Hanzlik and Mrs. Watts, because he talks constantly about them and pretends to be them when he holds classes for his stuffed animals.
Betty and Drew Tran
Dear Learning Time Preschool,
This is written confirmation informing you that Alex Webb’s last day at Learning Time Preschool will be Tuesday, August 16th, 2011. Alex is looking forward to starting 1st grade at Fishers Elementary School. He will miss all of the teachers and friends at LTP. He’s been in your care since October 2005 and we’ve never second guessed our choice in putting him into Learning Time’s program. This was especially confirmed when we took him for testing with the FES counselor and she was obviously impressed with Alex’s reading, comprehension and math skills. It made us really proud to tell them where he has been since infant through kindergarten.
This change for Alex will not affect Zachary Webb’s status with LTP. He will remain in the Bus Stop/ 3 year old class and enjoy showing you his “bear bear” each morning.
Jennifer Webb
June 27th, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:
Is is with great pleasure that I write to commend the teachers of the Bug-a-boo Infant Room, Mrs. Bradshaw and Ms. Wright. They truly exemplify the Learning Time difference – they are so much more than day care workers – they are teachers. They are active and smart, working with the students to achieve their full potential each day. Their hard work using the excellent lesson plans set out by Dr, Bisesi, combined with their loving encouragement, makes for the perfect combination for an infant room. Learning Time is very, very lucky to have such excellent educators.
They are also incredibly dedicated to their jobs. In fact, on the way to work a few months ago, Mrs. Bradshaw was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. She left her car and walked in the rain to get to school that day. Ms. Wright frequently mentions that she thinks of her students on the weekends and she never fails to call when our daughter, Mackenzie, is home sick from school. The care and concern both teachers give our family show us that our daughter is receiving the sort of love and attention we would give her if we were able to care for her at home ourselves.
Finally, Mrs. Bradshaw and Ms. Wright are exceptionally professional. They treat us and the other parents with respect. And, even more importantly, they treat the children with respect. We are thrilled that our daughter is learning how to treat others from two such accomplished and capable women. Moreover, during the transition from one director to another, they have reassured us that the care Mackenzie receives will remain at the same high, professional standard that it always has been.
John Ruskin said, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” The Bugaboo Room is, indeed, a masterpiece. If there is anything further my husband and I can do to express our sincere approval and appreciation for jobs well done, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Julie C.S. McDonald, Education Attorney, Indiana Judicial Center, Proud Parent of Mackenzie McDonald
July 14, 2011
Dear Learning Time Staff,
As our final days at Learning Time approach we just wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you have done with our two children, Molly and Grant Paskus, over the past 5 years. Both of them entered Learning Time around the age 2 ½ and attended 2 days a week through age 5 years old. It is so hard to hand your child over to someone elses care, but we have been nothing but delighted in how Learning Time has handled that responsibility. Not only have you kept them sage but you have nourished and enriched their lives. Over the years they have learned to make friends, to share, be “line leader”, read and write, tie their shoes, try new foods, and many other things.
We love that your program includes the children eating family style, moving around the building throughout the day, and most of all—the arena that allows vigorous indoor play throughout the cold winter and many rainy days. We also loved the reading program, the musicals, the field trips, the computers, the fresh paint and fun room themes, the constant supply of new toys and books, the wonderful playgrounds (big and small), birthday crowns, and most of all the loving staff.
I wish I could thank everyone personally because I know in addition to the Head Teachers there are so many other staff involved with each child. I am constantly amazed how my children are greeted personally by every staff member (ones I have never even met) when they come and go each day…even though they only attend 2 days a week. Thanks so much for hugging and holding our kids during the tearful morning goodbyes those first few weeks and reassuring us that they would be fine(which they always were within 5 minutes of departure). Thanks for taking the time to share with us exciting moments that occurred during the day and funny stories that we may have missed.
I know I am leaving out many people and for that I apologize but I wanted to thank personally some of the staff (I know some have left): Ms Kristen Thomas (for coming into Molly’s 3 year old class when it was out of control and getting it back on track), Mrs. Shore (for providing a wonderful start to Molly’s educational adventure), Mrs. Moss (for helping us get Grant started at Learning Time), Mrs. Russel (for getting Grant’s 3 year old class back on track after multiple other teachers cam and went – and for doing a wonderful job as his 4 year old teacher also), Mrs. Whit (who always looked out for Grant), and Mrs. Garvey (just when I thought nobody could step into Mrs. Russell’s shoes as the 4 year old teacher, you came and did a wonderful job!). I know the faces but, I wish I could remember the names of all the lovely staff who take the time to ask how Molly is doing even though she has long since graduated Learning Time!
My husband and I may be sadder than our children on their last day. Best wished to all of you and thanks again for all the good times and memories we will cherish.
Tom and Lucy Paskus